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Town Creek in the Johnson Settlement

Town Creek

The aquifers (Paleozoic) of central Texas, which include both park districts, provide varying amounts of water to the area. Locally, these aquifers provide minor amounts of water for domestic and livestock use.

The initial flow of the major streams within the seven-county area comes from seeps and springs, primarily from the Edwards-Trinity aquifer. Groundwater in the area is generally available from the strata of Hickory Sandstone, Ellenburger Limestone, Hensell Sand and Edwards Limestone.

Did You Know?

LBJ Ranch Hereford

The cattle on the LBJ Ranch are descended from the same bloodline as the herd that Lyndon Johnson owned. They look more like 1960s Hereford cattle and so they can be called "history on the hoof." Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park More...