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Rocky terrain at the Johnson Settlement

Soils of Johnson City District area are shallow and underlain by limestone and marl, characterized as loamy, clayey, stony soils of the Brackett-Purves-Doss Association, on undulating and hilly uplands. These soils have low potential for cultivated crops and have medium potential for recreational uses. Other soil characteristics are moderately slow permeability, low potential for sanitary facilities, limitations on depth to rock, and shrink and swell potential with moisture.

The soils of the LBJ Ranch District consist of sand, silt and clay in the lower areas and interbedded limestone, dolomite and marl at the higher elevations. These are all part of the Luckenbach-Pedernales-Heatly Association. In general, these soils are moderately well drained; permeability is moderately slow; and runoff is moderate. Cropland is a well-suited use of these soils.

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