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Volunteer Jobs

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Lowell National Historical Park
Individuals and groups seeking volunteer opportunities can help the park in a variety of ways. Areas often recruited for include:

• Volunteer Park Ranger: Greet park visitors and help them learn about the park story at the Visitor Center and the Boott Cotton Mills Museum
• Volunteer Maintenance Helper: Help maintain historic structures, keep grounds clean, and perform other maintenance tasks
• Volunteer Administration Assistant: Assist with administrative and clerical duties
• Volunteer Trolley Crew Member: Help the park trolley crew greet riders, flag the trolley through intersections, and move through downtown Lowell
• Volunteer Curatorial Assistant: Assist in the park library or help curatorial staff with classifying museum artifacts and mounting of exhibits
To apply for one of these or another park position, click here.

Partner Organizations
Lowell National Historical Park operates in partnership with local museums, galleries, and community beautification initiatives. Opportunities for participation include:

• "Adopt-A-Canalway" with Lowell Canalwaters Cleaners or work at Keep Lowell Beautiful's Community Garden Greenhouse for landscaping, gardening, and beautification projects
• Assist Museum Teachers with educational programs at the Tsongas Industrial History Center
• Operate canal locks, aid in Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust Concord River whitewater rafting program
• Share the history of Lowell with visitors at a museum, or welcome guests to an art gallery
To see the full list of partner organizations, click here.

Assist with special events, such as the Lowell Folk Festival, Banjo and Fiddle Contests, Doors Open Lowell, and other park/city events. A full list of events can be found here.

For more information regarding Lowell National Historical Park volunteer program please contact the Park Volunteer Coordinator at 978-275-1740 or contact us.

Did You Know?

Students weaving on floor looms at Lowell National Historical Park

The Tsongas Industrial History Center is a collaborative project of the University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Education and the National Park Service at Lowell National Historical Park. Over 60,000 school children per year experience curriculum based education programs at the park & Center. More...