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  • 01/28/2013

    Location: Boott Events Center, Boott Cotton Mills Museum 115 John Street, Lowell MA Time: 7:30 PM Fee Information: Free Contact Name: Maggie Holtzberg Contact Email: maggie_holtzberg@partner/nps.gov Contact Phone Number: 978-275-1719

The specialty at Gene Wu's Chinese Flatbread Café is hand-pulled noodles.  Known as "biang, biang mian"
these broad noodles are made from dough which has been steamed.  The dough is then cut, rolled out,
and stretched.  The process is a dramatic thing to see, as the stretched dough is flung in the air and then
slapped down on the counter, before being thrown into boiling water.

Wu grew up in the Xi'an, the capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi Province, a region noted for its noodle soups
and flatbread.  Wu began as a dishwasher in a restruant in China - when he was just tall enough to reach the
sink.  He now owns his own restaurant, where the menu items are derived from Wu's grandfathers recipes.

Come join us as Gene Wu shares his knowledge and skill in making and serving hand-pulling noodles.  He will talk
about noodle traditions in northwest China and demonstrate how to hand-pull noodles.  Wu will then attempt
to teach someone from the audience how to do it


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