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  • 10/13/2012

    Location: Boott Events Center, Boott Cotton Mills Museum 115 John Street, Lowell MA Time: 11:00 AM Fee Information: Free

What do Charles Dickens and Jack Kerouac have in common? Both were travel writers, or writers whose imaginations were set afire by the experience of travel. (Kerouac was also a big Dickens fan; in a 1954 letter to Alan Ginsburg, he described the "greatness of Dickens," ranking him with Dostoevsky and Balzac as important models for his own work.) As part of the Jack Kerouac Literary Festival, join Dickens in Lowell for a panel discussion exploring both men's work. Dickens scholar Nancy Aycock Metz, professor of English at Virginia Tech, and Kerouac authority Kathleen Pierce will investigate the relationship between travel writing, imagination, and preconceptions. 

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