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  • Lowell National Historical Park

    "The World of Barilla Taylor" Kit

    This interdisciplinary kit invites students into the world of Barilla Taylor, who left her home in rural Maine in 1843 for work in Lowell's mills. By examining documents relevant to Barilla's farm and factory experiences, students learn about the history of early industrial America, and the ways industrialization affected the roles and status of women. Primary sources include letters, maps, corporation hospital records, city directory pages, photographs, and a receipt for a jewelry purchase.

Did You Know?

Students weaving on floor looms at Lowell National Historical Park

The Tsongas Industrial History Center is a collaborative project of the University of Massachusetts Graduate School of Education and the National Park Service at Lowell National Historical Park. Over 60,000 school children per year experience curriculum based education programs at the park & Center. More...