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  • 09/26/2013

    Location: Lesley University Sherrill Library Time: 6:00 PM Fee Information: Free

When Henry W. Longfellow married Fanny Appleton in 1843, he married into one of the families in Boston. Her father, the mercantile-manufacturer Nathan Appleton, purchased not only the Craigie House for her, he commissioned a substantial group of furniture in Boston as part of her wedding dowry. He also gave her at least three superb pieces he had commissioned twenty years earlier for his grand house in Boston on Beacon Street. Recent research has now identified both groups of furniture in the Longfellow House-Washington's Headquarters collection. Despite the couple's marriage at the dawn of the "Romantic" era, both sets of furniture are in the earlier Classical style, made by Boston's finest cabinetmakers of two eras, George Archibald and Isaac Vose. The superb work of both craftsmen can now be revealed as key features of domestic lives of Longfellow and his wife. 

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