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  • 10/18/2012

    Location: Carriage House, Longfellow House - Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site Time: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM Fee Information: Free and open to the public, RSVP required. Contact Name: Longfellow House - Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site Contact Phone Number: (617) 876-4491

During excavations in the basement of the Longfellow House - Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site, NPS archeologists discovered two unusual deposits composed of historical artifacts and well-preserved biological material that were held together by a mortar and sand mixture.  The majority of the artifacts were wine bottle glass fragments, including several bottle necks that still retained their original corks.

The Brattle Street house was built in 1759 and the deposits were below a wall installed circa 1791.  During this thirty two year window of time, the house was home to several families and also served as the headquarters for George Washington and his officers from July 1775 to April 1776.  During Washington's nine month occupation of the house, his steward kept meticulous account books of expenses for food, drink, and household goods similar to items found in the archeological deposits.

Join Alicia Paresi, Curator of Archeology for the National Park Service, for a presentation on the basement archeological excavations.  See a slideshow of artifacts and decide for yourself:  Did these bottles belong to George Washington?

RSVP required.  Please call the site at (617) 876-4491 to reserve a spot.


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