• Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his study, circa 1875.

    Longfellow House Washington's Headquarters

    National Historic Site Massachusetts


Red-tailed Hawk at Longfellow National Historic Site.

Red-tailed Hawk.  Photographed on balcony rail at Longfellow National Historic Site

Photograph by David R. Daly, NPS.

The following list of birds records those identified at Longfellow House - Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site. If you visit the site and see birdlife not listed below, send an e-mail and let us know!

American Crow

American Goldfinch

American Robin

Baltimore Oriole

Black Capped Chickadee

Blue Jay

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Canada Goose

Cedar Waxwing

Chimney Swift

Common Grackle
Common Raven

Common Yellowthroat
Cooper's Hawk

Dark Eyed Junco

Downy Woodpecker
Eastern Kingbird
Eastern Wild Turkey

European Starling

Gray Catbird
Hermit Thrush

Herring Gull

House Finch

House Sparrow

Mourning Dove

Northern Cardinal

Northern Flicker

Northern Mockingbird


Red-tailed Hawk

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Song Sparrow

Tufted Titmouse

White-breasted Nuthatch

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Yellow-throated Vireo

Did You Know?

The Departure of Hiawatha, by Albert Bierstadt, c. 1868.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's "The Song of Hiawatha" was published in 1855. The name Hiawatha is Iroquois, but most of the stories he drew on for his work were from the Chippewa.