Step into 97 Orchard St., step into another time

The heart of the museum is a historic tenement, home to an estimated 7,000 people from over 20 nations between 1863 and 1935. The tenement’s cramped living spaces, the lives of past residents and the history of the Lower East Side, contribute to its representation of the immigrant experience. Throughout the year, programs such as walking tours and readings are offered.


The tenement building at 97 Orchard Street

Can’t visit? Take a virtual tour!

Learn more about the historic 97 Orchard Street tenement building, some of its apartments, and the lives of several immigrants who lived in them.

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The Confino Family

There’s a lot to learn from!

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum has done extensive research and amassed considerable collections including virtual exhibitions and resources.

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A dress in a seamstress’ apartment

Utilizing the past to teach in the future

The Museum's education programs have been created to develop the need of learners of all ages in a challenging and respectful way.

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