• Aqueduct and towpath, Delaware Canal (Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor)photo credit

    Lower Delaware

    National Wild and Scenic River PA,NJ

Plan Your Visit

The lower Delaware River is situated within two hours drive of the New York City area, and is immediately north of Philadelphia. Along the river you can

ϑ fish, boat, and canoe
ϑ hike and bike the scenic towpath along the river
ϑ hike in natural areas
ϑ visit historic towns along the river

You can contact the visitor & information centers in the park for information about the park, and also for including commercial services such as restaurants and lodging.

On this website you can find information on outdoor activities in the park, and on the park's historic sites.

Did You Know?

A shiny silvery oval fish tinged with greenish-yellow on top

...that shad have made a comeback in the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers, due to pollution control. This herring lives its adult life in the ocean, but travels up rivers and streams to spawn. Each spring, anglers follow the "shad run" up the Delaware River to catch these hard-fighting fish. More...