• Aqueduct and towpath, Delaware Canal (Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor)photo credit

    Lower Delaware

    National Wild and Scenic River PA,NJ

Operating Hours & Seasons

There is no one schedule or operating season for this park. The park is composed of many separate and independent sites, under state and local management.

Hours and seasons vary for each site and activity, and are listed on the web sites for each site. Please link to the type of activity below that interests you:

Outdoor Recreation

Touring Historic Districts & Sites

Sightseeing and Autotouring

Did You Know?

A mottled grey bird feeding its young.

... due to pesticide control and to programs of rearing falcons in captivity and releasing them, Peregrine falcona have returned to nest along the Delaware. While urban peregrines may favor railroad bridges and tall buildings to nest, country peregrines use a scrape in a cliff to lay their eggs. More...