• Aqueduct and towpath, Delaware Canal (Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor)photo credit

    Lower Delaware

    National Wild and Scenic River PA,NJ

Nature & Science

Wildlife diversity is inextricably linked to habitat diversity in the lower Delaware River corridor. Dependent on river corridor habitats and fisheries are mammals, reptiles and amphibian--some of which are listed as threatened or endangered.

The many land and vegetation communities of the lower Delaware River corridor not only provide for diverse landscapes, but also provide diverse habitats for fish and wildlife.

The lower Delaware River corridor is filled with dramatic geological contrasts. High, rocky gorges, steep bluffs and dry ridgelines contrast in sharp relief with dense forests, wetlands, and river islands, producing diverse and unique landscapes within a relatively small geographic region.

Did You Know?

A ranger takes a water sample from a creek

... that by the time the Delaware River reaches its estuary, nearly 10% of the nation's population has tapped into it. Tinicum Creek has such high water quality that it is home to several rare species of plants and animals. Sections of the Delaware actually exceed federal standards for clean water. More...