A River and its History

The largest free-flowing river in the eastern United States, the Delaware River runs past forests, farmlands, and villages, and it also links some of the most densely populated regions in America.

In 2000, the National Wild and Scenic River System incorporated key segments of the lower Delaware River to form this unit of the National Park System.


rowboat on calm Delaware River at sunset

Scenic River Program Report

Reports of the 15-Year Accomplishments of the Lower Delaware National Wild & Scenic River Program are online.

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A red painted house, located riverside

Historic Riverside Towns and Mills

The river corridor also offers spectacular autumn foliage, dramatic natural ice sculptures in the winter, and spring's natural migration of birds.

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Large rocks and boulders in a stream

Recreation on the Land

Walkers, joggers, and bicyclists can roll along the canal paths and trails on both sides of the river.

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Canal boat with crane at the dock

Historic Sites and Districts

The lower Delaware River has never been long off the nation's mind; it lies between 2 of the great colonial cities of the nation: NY and Philadelphia.

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Did You Know?