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Memorial Specific Information and Statistics

Built to honor the nation’s 16th President, the memorial blends the work of architect Henry Bacon, sculptor Daniel Chester French, artist Jules Guerin, and a host of others. The materials used in this memorial demonstrate a concerted effort to assemble stones from several regions of the Union into a great, classical tribute to Lincoln. The proportions of the architectural elements are meant to impress, inspire, and ensure that the simple Lincoln is elevated elegantly to a level commensurate with his historical role and achievements. If you are searching for Lincoln Memorial information such as building materials, site dimensions, et cetera, click here.

Lincoln Memorial Grounds

If you are searcing for Lincoln Memorial Grounds information such as park sites and locations associated with the memorial, click here.


National Park Service Sites Associated With Abraham Lincoln

Numerous NPS sites directly commemorate the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln, but others also possess interesting links. Here is a partial list.


National Park Service Sites Associated With The American Civil War

The American Civil War Sesquicentennial Commemoration extends from 2010 through 2015 and connects all 21st century Americans with this essential epoch in our nation's history. The National Park Service invites you to visit as many of these sites as possible.

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