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Around the world Abraham Lincoln is a symbol of liberty and equality of opportunity. His journey through life began in humble surroundings in a log cabin in Kentucky and ended as President of the United States in the White House. To learn more about Abraham Lincoln and his journey you may want to begin by examining Lincoln Home Site Bulletins and then read about Lincoln's Legacy. You may also find the links below helpful.

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The Insanity File


Learn more about Abraham Lincoln's political and legal careers, his home, and his family in a virtual exhibit. Abraham, Mary, and their sons Robert, Eddie, Willie, and Tad lived at their home on the corner of Eighth and Jackson Streets in Springfield, IL for seventeen years. Take a tour of the house, see the toys the boys played with, find a recipe for Mary Lincoln's white cake, and learn more about what has happened to Lincoln's image and his home since the family left for Washington in 1861.

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