• close up view of gate and parade ground of Fort Clatsop

    Lewis and Clark

    National Historical Park OR,WA


Lewis & Clark National Historical Park Guide

Lewis & Clark National Historical Park Guide

The Lewis and Clark National Park Guide includes information on Oregon, Washington, exploring the coast, hiking the park, wildlife and nature, family fun, Astoria, Warrenton, Cannon Beach, Seaside, Ilwaco and Long Beach.

Click here to download a print-friendly pdf of the guide [4.1 MB], please note these are no longer available at area visitor centers or local merchants.

Did You Know?

How many people camped at Fort Clatsop?

Thirty three people camped at Fort Clatsop; the 2 captains, 3 sergeants, 23 privates, Clark's slave York, 2 interpreters: George Droulliard and Toussaint Charbonneau, Charbonneau's wife: Sacagawea, and their baby son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. Lewis' Newfoundland dog, Seaman, was here, too.