• close up view of gate and parade ground of Fort Clatsop

    Lewis and Clark

    National Historical Park OR,WA

Bicycling Information

If you plan to bicycle to or around the Lewis & Clark National Historical Park, here are a few things you should know:

During your visit to Fort Clatsop there is a bike rack outside the Visitor Center, bikes are not allowed down to the fort.

While there are many trails in the park, bicycles are only allowed on the Fort to Sea Trail; from the Visitor Center parking lot to the overlook (1.5 miles), and from the overlook to Perkins Lane which will lead you to Hwy. 101 (approx 2.5 miles). Stop by the Visitor Center for a map or click here.

Did You Know?

William Clark

After returning to the United States, William Clark was appointed brigadier general of the Missouri Militia and Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the western territories , and later became governor of Missouri. He married Julia Hancock and had five children. He was 68 years old when he died.