• close up view of gate and parade ground of Fort Clatsop

    Lewis and Clark

    National Historical Park OR,WA


Cape Disappointment Light, as seen from McKenzie Head

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse, as seen from McKenzie Head


In June of 1998 the park service signed a Cooperative Agreement with the National Weather Service wherein Fort Clatsop would receive a basic Weather Station and would record daily weather observations (maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation amounts) for the NWS. These observations are reported monthly to the weather service office in Portland, Oregon.

The park's Resource Management Division has compiled weather records for previous years from the NWS internet site for the Astoria Regional Airport, which for many years housed a National Weather Service Station. The Airport is located only about two miles from Fort Clatsop.

The park's climate is mild and wet with annual precipitation averaging around 70 inches. Seasonal and daily temperature fluctuations are minimal. Average monthly maximum temperatures range from 47 to 67 degrees F. Average minimums range from 35 to 53 degrees F.

Did You Know?


Archeological excavations have been conducted at Fort Clatsop in 1996,1997,1998 and 2005. So far, a few items that may be from the expedition, have been found: a sharpened stick, a brass bead, a glass bead, and a lead rifle ball.