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    Lewis and Clark

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Clatsop Trunk

This trunk uses the journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition to learn about the American Indian peoples--Clatsop and Chinookan, who lived at the mouth of the Columbia River when the expedition visited the area in 1805-06.

The trunk contains exhibit Clatsop and Chinookan American Indian artifacts, hands-on activities, resource guide, videos, posters and much more. Discover who these people were and how the Chinookan and Clatsop people differ from other American Indians in the Pacific Northwest and the United States. This trunk provides a unique opportunity to explore the people who lived at the mouth of the Columbia River before the arrival of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


Trunk Reservation Instructions

NOTE: You may begin making your reservation for the next school year on May 1st.

Clatsop Trunk
Clatsop Trunk
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