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Workshops and Classes

 The Salmon people art by Charlie Funk

The Salmon People by Charlie Funk

Are you looking for new curriculum and activities for the classroom? Do you want to expand your personal knowledge? Look no further, the park offers a variety of workshops and classes for teachers, informal educators and the curious adult.


Middle Village Educator's Workshop:
Doing History at Middle Village

"Doing History at Middle Village" immerses teachers and educators in Middle Village-Station Camp site. The workshop employs historic inquiry to enrich understanding of the Chinookan trade site and the teaching of American Indian history.

Day one of the class takes place April 25 at Middle Village, WA during which participants will sample traditional skills such as story telling, food preservation, trading and the use of the cedar tree. Day two, April 26 will be held at Clatsop Community College where participants will learn about the distinct and unique heritage of American Indians and how to teach American Indian history in a culturally responsive manner.

Space is limited to 25. The fee is $25 for materials and food. Continuing Education Units are available through Clatsop Community College. For more information or to register: Sally Freeman, 503-861-4424 or e-mail us


Did You Know?

Did you know?

Approximately 250,000 people visit Fort Clatsop per year. The slowest days of the year are in December, but we haven't had any days of no visitors.