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    Lewis and Clark

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Traveling Trunk: Fort Clatsop Explorers

3rd-5th Grade
6th-8th Grade

Fort Clatsop Explorers provides objects and activities about the Lewis and Clark Expedition and their winter stay at Fort Clatsop in 1805-06. A few of the objects included are: buckskin clothing, candle mold, flint-n-steel fire starting kit, powder horn, trade items, Jefferson Peace Medal, examples of furs and a housewife (sewing kit). An educators guide contains hands-on activity ideas and descriptions of some of the essential articles carried by the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

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Explorer Trunk
Explorer Trunk
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Did You Know?

Did you know?

Sergeant Patrick Gass wrote that of the 106 days they were at Fort Clatsop it rained all but 12, and of the 12 dry days, only 6 were sunny.