• photo of a replica keelboat with a crew member on the bow at sunset

    Lewis & Clark

    National Historic Trail ID,IL,IA,KS,MO,MT,NE,ND,OR,SD,WA

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  • My Journey with Lewis and Clark

    Saturday, September 13, 2014

    The Summer 2014 Second Saturday Scholar Series will wrap up Saturday, September 13, with the preeminent scholar Dr. Gary Moulton. This event is free and protected from rain as it will be held inside the Visitor Center. More

Did You Know?

Pressed plant from Expedition, now at the Academy of Natural Sciences

The Corps of Discovery didn’t discover anything. Everything the Corps reported on- plants, animals, landforms - had been known to and used by American Indian tribes for generations. The Corps were, however, the first to record these items for science.