• photo of a replica keelboat with a crew member on the bow at sunset

    Lewis & Clark

    National Historic Trail ID,IL,IA,KS,MO,MT,NE,ND,OR,SD,WA

Site Certification for Visitors

Site certification logo

Logo for certified sites on the Lewis and Clark NHT.


Certified sites are places where visitors can learn about or experience the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Only sites that are open to the public are eligible for certification. How can you tell which sites are certified? The logo to the left is displayed at certified sites. You may also consult this map (pdf). Any site marked with a red dot is a certified site.

Did You Know?

Seaman was Lewis's Newfoundland dog

Seaman, Lewis’s Newfoundland dog, joined the Expedition in Philadelphia when Lewis purchased him for $20. On the journey, Seaman served the Corps as hunter, sentry, and companion. Upon reaching the Pacific, Seaman became the first dog to travel the breadth of the North American continent.