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Current Lassen Peak Trail Status


Reach the Peak Project
This summer and fall are the final seasons of the trail restoration portion of the multi-year Reach the Peak trail project.

Current Lassen Peak Trail Status
Message will be updated upon a change in status

Lassen Peak trail is Open to the summit. Scroll down and read the "Safety and Preparedness" section. Be prepared for trace amounts of snow on the trail resulting from recent fall snow storms . Please make every effort to travel over exposed areas of trail or over the snow to prevent damage to switchbacks.


Be Prepared for the Season
Due to intermittent park highway closures in the fall, travel to Lassen Peak may involve some method of over the snow travel for at least six miles. A winter ascent requires one or more nights of backcountry camping. Conditions on the mountain can be severe including strong winds, sub-zero temperatures, and avalanche danger. Sun exposure can also be a serious hazard. Use sunscreen and eye protection even on cloudy days. Use of technical climbing gear (i.e. ice axe, crampons, etc.) may be required, experience in its use is highly recommended. Prior experience with winter camping is also recommended. Due to the remote location and hazardous conditions, emergency response could require an extended period of time. Be self-reliant.

Safety and Preparedness

  • Always read and follow the signs posted at the trailhead and visitor centers.
  • Stay on the trail and don’t cut switchbacks.
  • Parts of the trail will be closed during construction. Respect these closures. They are for your safety.
  • Check weather reports, www.nps.gov/lavo, telephone recordings, and talk with rangers about the most up-to-date information.
  • When work is not actively going on, tools and materials may be located next to the trail and in the parking lot. They will be marked “closed” or “stay off." Do not climb on or venture close to these areas.
  • Climb with a partner if you can, or let someone know your itinerary.
  • Weather can change rapidly, and snow is possible any month of the year. Get an early start to avoid afternoon storms and lightning.
  • If coming from an elevation near sea level, a day or two of acclimatizing can help.
  • If you start to experience any symptoms of altitude related ailments (headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, confusion, pain behind the eyes, nausea), Descend Immediately. Seek medical attention from a ranger or doctor.
  • Practice trail etiquette. People going up have the right of way, please carefully step off the trail to allow them to pass or when taking a breather.
  • Drink plenty of water and bring snacks. Carry at least a liter of water per person.
  • Wear sturdy hiking boots.
A trail worker on the Lassen Peak trail

Protect the safety of yourself and others

NPS Photo

Lassen Peak Off-trail Travel Restriction
Beginning June 2, 2014, off-trail access to the summit is restricted for all forms of travel. Please view the off-trail travel restriction map below for more information on the closure area. Download bulletin including closure map (pdf, 347KB)

Ensure the safety of visitors
Off-trail travelers may unknowingly travel through potentially dangerous rock fall zones under ongoing trail work.

Ensure the safety of park employees
Off-trail travelers may unknowingly dislodge rocks that could roll down the mountainside and endanger trail workers.

Improve the rate of trail work progress
Hikers may accidentally enter above or through the work zone, requiring the trail crew to halt work.

Traveling in closure area is against the law, and endangers yourself and others.

Closure Boundary Latitude Longitude Elevation
West side of Lassen Peak parking area to the summit of Eagle Peak 40.4771° 121.4792° 9180'
Summit of Eagle Peak to the Crescent Cliffs 40.4870° 121.5291° 7740'
Crescent Cliffs to the Crescent Crater 40.5034° 121.4941° 8175'
Crescent Crater to the intersection of the Terrace and Hat Lake trails 40.4787° 121.47918° 7903'
Summit of Terrace Lake and Hat Lake trails following the Terrace Lake trail to the Terrace Lake trailhead on the Lassen Park Highway 40.4762° 121.4792° 8045'
Following the Lassen Park Highway to the Lassen Peak parking area

Lassen Peak closure map
Lassen Peak closure area
View from atop Brokeoff Mountain

View from atop Brokeoff Mountain

NPS Photo

Climb Another Volcano
While access to the Lassen Peak summit is limited this summer, Brokeoff Mountain offers spectacular views of Lassen Peak from part of the eroded rim of what was once the park's largest volcano. Well before the formation of Lassen Peak, Brokeoff Volcano, or Mount Tehama, once towered over this area of the park. Remnants of this ancient volcano include Brokeoff Mountain, Mount Diller, Pilot Pinnacle and Mount Conard. See if you can identify the rim as you gaze out from the top of Brokeoff Mountain. Read more about Brokeoff Mountain trail.
NOTE: Parking is limited at the Brokeoff Mountain Trailhead. An early ascent is advised. Park entrance fees apply.

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