Scenic Driving

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Paved roads wind through mountains, desert basins and canyons. From Lakeshore Road and Northshore Road you can see panoramic views of blue Lake Mead set against a background of colorful rugged mountains.

Northshore Road leads through areas of brilliant red boulders and rock formations in between Callville Bay and Echo Bay. Stop at the beautiful Redstone Picnic Area and Dune Trail.

The Pearce Ferry Road crosses one of the world's finest Joshua Tree forests. Unpaved approved backcountry roads penetrate remote regions.

Lakeshore Road follows the scenic South shore of Boulder Basin with many opportunities to stop and enjoy picnic areas with spectacular views.

Check on road conditions before traveling these routes. Take water for yourself and your vehicle and tools for emergency repairs. Drive only on paved roads or unpaved approved roads signed with yellow arrows.
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