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    Lake Mead

    National Recreation Area AZ,NV

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  • Important Notice to Mariners

    Lake Mead water elevations will be declining throughout the summer. Before launching, check lake levels, launch ramp conditions, changes to Aids to Navigation and weather conditions by clicking on More »

  • Areas of Park Impacted by Storm Damage

    Strong storms rolled through Lake Mead National Recreation Area Aug. 3-4, causing damage to some areas of the park. Crews are working to restore the below locations. Debris may be present in other areas of the park, as well, especially in the backcountry. More »

  • Goldstrike Canyon, Arizona Hot Spring Trails Temporarily Closed

    A temporary emergency closure is in place for Goldstrike Canyon and Arizona Hot Spring trails within Lake Mead National Recreation Area, beginning Aug. 1. This closure includes National Park Service and Bureau of Reclamation lands. More »

  • Summer Fire Rules in Effect

    Lake Mead NRA is now enforcing summer fire restrictions. Please click 'more' to learn about the rules for fire during our hot, dry season. More »



August 2009

Capital Improvement Projects 2009(38 pgs; pdf; 2.48 MB)

June 2009

Environmental Assessment: Cottonwood Cove & Temple Bar Arsenic Water Treatment Facility (44 pgs; pdf, 1.16 MB)



Lower Moapa Valley Collection System (14 pgs; pdf; 8.39 MB)

Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Plan (11 pgs; pdf; 6.62MB)

Fall 2008

Cottonwood Cove and Katherine Landing(4 pgs; pdf; 3.35MB)

September 2008

Development Concept and Environment Impact Statement Being Prepared for Cottonwood Cove and Katherine Landing (1 pg; pdf; 70.24KB)

September 2008

Master Plan for Lake Mead NRA Headquarters Site and Warehouse Site (63 pgs; pdf; 1.49MB)

July 2008

Wireless Telecommunication Facility Plan and Environmental Assessment (64 pgs; pdf; 2,616KB)

May 2008

Systems Conveyance and Operations Program (SCOP) Environmental Assessment (106 pgs; pdf; 4.33 MB)

May 2008

Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument: Ch.1(26 pgs; pdf; 12.2 MB) and Ch2. (117 pgs; pdf; 125 MB)

March 2008

Environmental Assesment for the Lower Moapa Collection System (63 pgs; pdf; 886KB)


Environmental Assessment for Construction of a Government Boating Repair Complex and Aids to Navigation Complex (66 pgs; word; 7.75 MB)

July 2007

Record of Decision for Clean Water Coalition Conveyance and Operations Program (18 pgs; pdf; 8.03 MB)


FONSI'sLake Mead Intake NO. 3 Project(14 pgs; pdf; 131 KB)Muddy Mountains Wilderness Management Plan(9 pgs; pdf; 62 KB)Echo Bay Powerline Upgrades (15 pgs; word; 144 KB)Construction of a Government Boating Repair Facility and Aids to Navigation Complex(12 pgs; pdf; 7.91 MB)Laughlin Regional Park and Regional Heritage Greenway Trails - North Reach(24 pgs; pdf; 15.5 MB)

March 2007

Environmental Assessment to Upgrade Power Servicing the Echo Bay Developed Area ( 64pgs; pdf; 1.5 MB)

March 2007

Arzona Strip's Proposed Resource Management Plan and Final Enivronmental Impact Statement(FEIS) html

December 2006

Environmental Assessment for the Muddy Mountains Wilderness Management Plan (89 pgs; pdf; 6.79 MB)

November 2006

Environmental Assessment Lake Mead Intake NO. 3 Project(122 pgs; pdf; 16.4 MB)Errata Lake Mead Intake NO. 3. (5 pgs; pdf; 67 KB)

November, 2006

Clean Water Coalition Systems Conveyance and Operations Program Environmental Impact Statement Final DraftCover Page ¦ Executive Summary ¦ CH 1 ¦ CH 2 ¦ CH 3 ¦ CH 4 ¦ CH 5 ¦ CH 6 ¦ CH 7 ¦ CH 8 ¦ CH 9 ¦ CH 10 ¦ CH 11 ¦ CH 12 ¦ Appendix Table of Content ¦ Appendix A ¦ Appendix B 1¦ Appendix B 2 ¦ Appendix B 3 ¦ Appendix B 4 ¦ Appendix B 5 ¦ Appendix B 6 ¦ Appendix B 7 ¦ Appendix B 8 ¦ Appendix B 9 ¦ Appendix C ¦ Appendix D ¦ Appendix D Att 1 ¦

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Spirt Mountain in Spirt Mountain Wilderness

"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out until sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." -- John Muir