• Autumn photo of Lake Clark and the Aleutian Range in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

    Lake Clark

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

Fees, Reservations & Permits

a tent set up on a lakeshore, with a motor boat in the water not far away
Many visitors to the park camp either on Lake Clark or while on backpacking or river trips.
M. Richotte

There are no fee areas in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. Camping does not require reservations and permits are not required for backcountry travel or camping.

However, all parties venturing into the backcountry are asked to complete this voluntary backcountry registration form, which is used for informational purposes only. It provides park managers with valuable insight in to visitor use levels, trends and activities. It can also assist rangers with a rescue in the event that a third party calls the park to report a party overdue.

Please note: The National Park Service does not track your party's progress through the park. We recommend that you leave a copy of your itinerary with a friend or relative for safety purposes.

Please follow park rules and regulations and acquire the appropriate state licenses for hunting and fishing.

Did You Know?

Dick Proenneke's cabin on Twin Lakes.

Richard Proenneke built his cabin on Twin Lakes using only hand tools and his own labor. He began work on the cabin in 1968 at the age of 51 and lived there until 1998, when he was 82.