• Autumn photo of Lake Clark and the Aleutian Range in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

    Lake Clark

    National Park & Preserve Alaska


Kayak paddle dips into turquoise hued lake.
This contest is made possible through the National Park Service's partnership with Alaska Geographic who operates the bookstore in Lake Clark's visitor center and in other public lands' visitor centers statewide. Alaska Geographic donates a portion of revenues to parks to support programs, events, and materials that enhance the public's understanding and conservation of Alaska's natural, cultural and historical resources.
NPS/ Kent Miller
The National Park Service and Alaska Geographic Announce Lake Clark's "Wilderness Inspirations" Photo Contest

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act in which congress created a system of lands preserved in their natural condition for you. 'Why Wilderness?' might you ask. In the words of Sir John Lubbock: "Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountains and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books." We'd like to see what Lake Clark's 2.47 million acres of designated wilderness inspires in you, be that a sense of freedom, adventure, creativity, family, peace or home.

Winners Will Receive:
  • People's Choice grand prize winners
    – a 16 by 20 inch stretched canvas copy of your image.
    – featured as Lake Clark's Facebook cover photo for one month each.
  • People's Choice runners up
    – an 8 by 10 inch stretched canvas copy of your image.
The winning images will be displayed in a Wilderness exhibit at the Lake Clark Visitor Center in Port Alsworth mid May through August, and then shipped to Homer and Soldotna, AK where they will be displayed with other art pieces in the Voices of the Wilderness art show for the month of October 2014. After the show is complete, the canvas pieces will be shipped to the winners.

How to Participate
There are two ways you can participate in this photo contest. First, submit your high resolution Lake Clark Wilderness photo by April 13th, and on April 15th we will post all of the pictures to a photo album on Facebook.

Second, you will all have two weeks to vote on your favorite pictures. In additon to the People's photos submitted through this contest, you will have a chance to vote on photos taken by park staff. The two entries with the most likes will become our People's Choice grand prize winner and runner-up in each category! Everyone is invited to vote, even if you didn't enter a photo in the contest.

The Rules are Pretty Simple

  1. The contest is limited to photos taken in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve Wilderness areas (see map below). Photograph subjects can be wildlife, scenic vistas, subsistence, recreation, science, historic places, or education in Wilderness.

  2. Maximum 5 entries per person.

  3. Include the your name, the date and location the photo was taken, and a brief explanation of the inspiration it evokes in you in the description.

  4. The image must be your own.

  5. Digital images files should be TIFFs or highest-quality JPGs saved in 32 bit CMYK (best for printing) with a resolution of 300 pixels/inch. Our email can only handle files up to 25 mb, so you may need to email your photos separately.

  6. *Optional - Contest applicants who would like to donate their images to the park for future use can download and sign the attached Photo Donation and Likeness Release Form. This gives the National Park Service permission to publicly display the photographs on the web and in print. Images will become public domain. The photographer will be credited for use. If you want your photo to be used for this contest only, please indicate as much in your email or letter. Note, once posted to the Lake Clark Facebook page, the park cannot control who will "share" these photos.

  7. All photographs that include people must also submit additional Photo Donation and Likeness Release Form, which grants the National Park Service permission to use their likeness in a photograph. Forms must be signed by each individual in the photograph. This does not grant us perpetual use of the photograph, but does allow us to use a person's likeness in this contest.

  8. Contest closed to Lake Clark employees. Park visitors, local residents, partners, SCA interns, and volunteers are encouraged to submit.

  9. To enter, email your high resolution photos to lacl_visitor_information@nps.gov (Include "Submission for the Wilderness Inspiration photo contest" in the email subject line - our email can only handle files up to 25 mb, so you may need to email your photos separately), or burn them to a CD or zip drive and mail with the information requested above to:
    Lake Clark National Park & Preserve
    c/o Wilderness Inspirations Photo Contest
    2181 Kachemak Drive
    Homer, AK 99603

  10. All images must be received by Sunday, April 13th to be eligible.
Download a printable version of the contest rules to share with friends and family.
Map of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve showing the Wilderness boundary.  Chinitna Bay and Silver Salmon Creek are not in Wilderness.  Call 907-781-2218 if you have questions about boundary lines.
Photos submitted in the "Wilderness Inspirations" photo contest must be taken within designated wilderness, which is all areas within the orange boundary line.

What is Wilderness?

Designated Wilderness is the highest level of conservation protection for federally managed public lands. These are places where "the earth and its communities of life are left unchanged by people, where the primary forces of nature are in control." Millions of people visit Wilderness each year to hike, hunt, fish, ski, stargaze, float rivers, or create art. Many welcome Wilderness not only for the self-reliant, challenging recreational experiences it provides, but as a haven, a refuge from fast-paced, developed society - a place to reconnect with oneself, with one's culture, and with the land itself. We drink water that flows from Wilderness areas and breathe air that is replenished by the filtering action of plants and forests found there. Fish and wildlife abound where natural processes give rise to the rich biodiversity so critical to the health of the global environment.


Learn More

For more information about Wilderness areas managed by the National Park Service, please visit: http://wilderness.nps.gov

To learn more about the Wilderness Act and the National Wilderness Preservation system, including wilderness areas managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management, please visit www.wilderness.net. It is the official website providing general information about wilderness history, law, and specific information about each of the nation's 757 wilderness areas.

There are many ways to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Find another event, hike, or contest near you at www.wilderness50th.org.

Did You Know?

Red salmon, also known as sockeyes, spawn in lakes and small streams.

Salmon migrate to the Lake Clark area from as far away as the western end of the Aleutian chain. During their homeward journey, they average 35 miles per day.