Special Events

Jr Range Day 2014

Ranger Megan teaches Jr. Ranger about the gold bacteria found in some of the caves.

NPS, Jesse Barden

Jr. Ranger Day - July 30, 2016

Children of all ages are invited to enjoy special activities and programs throughout the day. We are still working out the details for this year, but you can get an idea of the fun to come by looking at what was offered last year.

  • Make Your Own Rope
  • Create Pipe Cleaner Flowers
  • Create Your Barracks
  • Make Your Own Sun
  • Will It Erupt?
  • Junior Navigators
  • Watercolor World
  • Mini Microbe Mats
  • View the Sun through a Sun Scope

Practice your "I Spy" skills during a cave tour through Lava Brook cave.

From 7:00pm - 8:00pm at the Campground Amphitheater, take care of an ecosystem and decide its fate during the Trophic Cascade Evening Program.

These hands on activities and programs allow Jr. Rangers to be creative while they Explore, Learn about and Protect Lava Beds.

Visitors viewing the sun

Visitors viewing the sun with our help of our volunteer amateur astronomers .

Astronomy Day and Night Sky Event - August 20, 2016

Attention all nigh sky enthusiasts, its time to grab your telescopes, binoculars and your curiosity about the night sky and join rangers and amateur astronomers to explore and learn about the mysteries of the night sky. We are always in need of additional amateur astronomers, if you are interested in volunteering please contact Angela at 530-667-8119 or angela_sutton@nps.gov.

Check back for more information on both day and night activities.

Volunteers portraying the Army during the Modoc War - resized

Army Camp during Timeline

Annual Timeline Living History Event

Travel through time as you explore the Timeline Living History Event on Saturday May 9, 2015.

During the event you can immerse your self in the history of Lava Beds by visiting 5 Living History camps/locations and meeting the people behind the stories.

J.D. Howard (Mushpot Cave) - Howard explored and named over 120 caves and geologic features and was instrumental in getting Lava Beds designated a National Monument.

Polly Merrill (Visitor Center) - Polly Merrill and her husband made the first trip by automobile into Lava Beds, but are best known for the summer resort they ran near Merrill Cave in the 1920's.

Military Camp (Gillem's Camp) - Through much of the 19th century units of the U.S. Army were some of the first to arrive in a region. Today, members of the Cascade Civil War Society will demonstrate life in the frontier army.

Blacksmith (Gillem's Camp) - Blacksmiths were pivotal for the U.S. Army during the time of the Modoc War. They provided many essentials, like nails, and made repairs to damaged equipment.

Fur Trader Camp (Captain Jack's Stronghold) - The first white men to see Tule Lake were fur traders from the Hudson's Bay Company who traveled through the area in 1826. Members of the Mount Mazama Mountain Men will portray these first fur traders.

Three formal programs will also be presented:

11:00 am at Captain Jack's Stronghold - Fur traders will demonstrate how to start a fire, throw a knife and give you a peek into life as a fur trader.

1:00 pm at Mushpot Cave - J.D. Howard will guide visitors through Mushpot Cave will talking about his cave exploration years at Lava Beds.

3:00 pm at Gillem's Camp Cemetery - Army soldiers will commemorate those who died on both sides of the Modoc War in a ceremony.


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