• Schonchin Butte

    Lava Beds

    National Monument California


The vegetation of the Monument is a mix of common plants adapted to generally dry, warm summers and cool winters, and special plants that take advantage of small areas with specific micro-climates...


Blooming from early spring to late fall, an amazing variety of wildflowers can be found in the Monument...

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Ferns grow in sheltered, shady, moist areas, often at cave entrances.

Thurber's needlegrass


Grass is the foundation of many plant communities...

Lichens on lava


Not really a plant, lichens are part algae, part fungus...


Mosses and Liverworts

Non-vascular plants are common in surprising places...

Fungus on decaying wood

Mushrooms and other Fungi

Not a plant, fungi are essential to how plants get nutrients from the soil...

Bitter cherry

Trees and Shrubs

Very different trees and shrubs live on this arid landscape...

Did You Know?

Pallid Bat

Pallid bats use complex social calls to track each other while hunting and to reassemble at roost sites. Unlike most echolocation, which occurs above the range of human hearing, social calls are produced at relatively low frequencies and can be heard by the unaided human ear.