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    Kobuk Valley

    National Park Alaska

Fees & Reservations

There is no required entrance fee to access Kobuk Valley National Park.

If you are organizing a trip for yourself, the National Park Service does not require reservations for any type of travel or backcountry camping within the park. If you are part of an organized recreation group, contact the chief ranger for permit requirements and stipulations. Call us at 907.442.3890.

Commercial businesses that provide guides and transportation should be contacted well in advance to plan travel logistics. Keep in mind that travel by plane is the primary way to access the park, but flights are expensive. The cost to get to 2-3 people to a backcountry site one hour from Kotzebue will be about $2600 round trip. Traveling on the small commercial flights to a village will be about $500 round trip per person.
mountains, forest, and tents atop sand dunes
No entrance fee is charged to enjoy this pristine wilderness
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Did You Know?

Image of three yellow tents contrast with a blue sky, white clouds, a rounded gray mountain, and red, autumn shrubs at a backcountry camp.

The highest peak in Kobuk Valley National Park is Mt. Angayukaqsraq, elevation 4760 feet. This peak is part of the Baird Mountains, which is in the southern section of the Brooks Mountain Range.