• Image of sand dunes

    Kobuk Valley

    National Park Alaska

Foundation Statement

The Foundation Statement of Kobuk Valley National Park is a formal description of the park's core mission. It is a foundation to support planning and management of the park.

The foundation is grounded in the park's legislation and from knowledge acquired since the park was originally established. It provides a shared understanding of what is most important about the park. This Foundation Statement describes the park's purpose, significance, fundamental resources and values, primary interpretive themes, and special mandates.

Cover page of the Kobuk foundation statement
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Did You Know?

Image of shrubs and berry plants on the tundra near blue lakes turn red and gold in the fall.

Even though Kobuk Valley National Park gets only 50 cm of rain and snow each year, much of the lowland tundra is soggy. Permafrost, many feet below the surface of the soil, prevents the water from draining away.