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Photos of the Month: Wildlife

November 28, 2012 Posted by: Marci Johnson

It's November in the Western Arctic National Parklands, the high and low temperatures have
ranged from 25°F to -24°F, and we haven't received any significant snow since October.  Heat up a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy some photos taken earlier this month in and
around Noatak National Preserve.


The following were taken earlier this month during an aerial moose survey.  So as not to
disturb the wildlife, most photos were taken using a 200mm zoom lens and later cropped.

Bull Moose

The low angle of the light in November often creates an orange glow on the antlers of the bull moose.  
In the lower right of the photo below, you may be able to spot the antlers in the midst of the 


A moose traversing the willows in the photo below has left an obvious trail.

Moose Trails

If you're curious what animal is tunneling through the snow below, pass your mouse over
the photo for the answer.


In this photo a snow-covered bear is standing up in the willows, imitating the spruce.


This bear den was being excavated in the open tundra with curious trails of rocks and tussocks leading toward and away from the entrance.

Bear Den

A group of caribou from the Western Arctic herd passing through Cape Krusenstern National
Monument on its southward migration:


This lynx sat intently as we flew overhead, much more concerned with something afoot.


The sun sets on the town of Kotzebue today at 3:29 pm.  This photo was taken on
November 13th as the sea ice and darkness begin to settle in.


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    Spectacular photos!


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Did You Know?

Image of shrubs and berry plants on the tundra near blue lakes turn red and gold in the fall.

Even though Kobuk Valley National Park gets only 50 cm of rain and snow each year, much of the lowland tundra is soggy. Permafrost, many feet below the surface of the soil, prevents the water from draining away.