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Photo of the Month: Stampede

July 31, 2012 Posted by: Marci Johnson

Trammeled tundra above Kusitrin Lake

The lichens, forbs, and dwarf shrubs of the tundra above Kusitrin Lake in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve show heavy signs of trampling and grazing by caribou and reindeer.

If you like lichens, check out this Resource Brief on some of the surveys and monitoring conducted in the Western Arctic National Parklands.


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Did You Know?

Image of a tiny wood frog with a black eye stripe is dwarfed by the palm of the person's hand on which it sits.

A frog that lives in Kobuk Valley National Park spends the winter as an ice cube. In the fall, the Wood Frog burrows under leaves on the forest floor. Its temperature drops to 20° F or lower until spring, at which point it thaws out and goes on its way.