• Aerial photograph of Big Hidatsa National Historic Landmark, located within Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site.

    Knife River Indian Villages

    National Historic Site North Dakota

Culture Fest

Tipis at Culture Fest
NPS photo

The "Northern Plains Indian Culture Fest" is held annually during the last full weekend in July at Knife River Indian Villages NHS. The park is located one half mile north of Stanton, ND. Concessions available on site for this event. There is no admission or parking fee.

The event will encompass a wide range of activities exemplifying the Northern Plains tribes that frequented the Knife River area from several thousand years ago to the present. Rolling hills and the Knife River serve as the backdrop for this two day event, regularly scheduled programs and demonstrations by skilled artisans will highlight the Northern Plains Indian culture.

Activities will include archeology talks, flint knapping, beadworking, porcupine quill work, brain tanning hides, blacksmith trade items, Northern Plains dances, Indian flute music, Sahnish and Three Affiliated Tribes cultural demonstrations, and childrens activities.

Did You Know?

Craig Hansen Sunrise

There might be as many as twenty family members, two horses, and four or five dogs living in an earthlodge.