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Spirit Trickey leaves as Chief of Interpretation

Spirit Trickey at Little Rock High School

Spirit Trickey with group at Little Rock High School

NPS Photo

Spirit Trickey was selected in October 2012, as the Chief of Interpretation for Klondike Gold Rush NHP’s Seattle Unit.

Spirit began working for the NPS as a Park Guide in 2002 where she later became an Interpretive Ranger. For 12 months she became the acting Chief of Interpretation at Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Spirit was awarded the Freeman Tilden award in 2010 for project establishing the park’s Youth Leadership Academy (YLA). The purpose of the YLA is to train young leaders at the historic site and to promote volunteerism, nonviolence, youth empowerment and stewardship for the National Park Service.

Spirit was born Ontario, Canada. She lived in Washington D.C. and later moved to Little Rock, where she lived for about a decade before her move to Seattle to join the team at Klondike Gold Rush. Spirit received a B.A. in Mass Communications from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and her master’s degree from the Clinton School of Public Service.

Spirit, was enthusiastic about working at Klondike Gold Rush NHP beginning a new experience, "learning about the people who struggled and triumphed during the gold rush.” After 18 months, Spirit announced her quitting the National Park Service and moving to New York City, “I have made meaningful friendships while learning about our interconnected American histories,” she said. “I will miss my park family."

Did You Know?

Did You Know? Miners remove gold from sluice box.

Klondike Gold Rush discoveries totaled about 20% of what was found during the California Gold Rush of 1849.