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Current Job Announcements

As of August 2014

Chief of Interpretation - filled July 2014

Museum Tech - filled July 2014

Park Guide (Pathway's trainee) - TBA


Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Summer 2014 - currently filled

Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Summer 2015 - TBA early 2015

Klondike Gold Rush Historical Park - Seattle, (April 12, 2014): Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park is accepting applications for teachers interested in applying for the park’s Teacher-Ranger-Teacher (TRT) Program. The application deadline was May 5, 2014. TRT is a 160-hour professional development opportunity for licensed public and private school teachers to create meaningful education experiences for students within Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. The selected candidate can earn continuing education credits and will earn a $3,000 dollar stipend at the conclusion of their season.

Teacher-Ranger-Teacher is a national program that strives to share the rich heritage of America’s national parks by providing professional development opportunities for teachers within national parks. During the TRT’s summer season at Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, they will develop standards-based lesson plan for students. In light of the limited transportation funding available to schools, we would like to develop a lesson plan that allows students to discover national parks in the Pacific Northwest without having to leave their classrooms. During the summer 2014, the park will host four female Student Conservation Association (SCA) interns (age 18 - 25 yrs) who will work as a team to research and travel to local national parks. The goal is to produce informational materials that local, urban populations can use to plan visits to their local public lands. The TRT candidate will work with this team to develop materials based on the SCA team’s research and experiences.

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Did You Know?

Erastus Brainerd

Seattle's success as the main outfitting port for Klondike stampeders was due to the marketing campaign led by Erastus Brainerd.