• Artist rendering of Pioneer Square during Klondike Gold Rush

    Klondike Gold Rush - Seattle Unit

    National Historical Park Washington

If there had been

To capture the mood of Seattle today, we thought it would be fun to retouch some historic photos and wonder if this is how it might have appeared if the Seahawks and the 12th Man spirit existed during the gold rush period. When the SS Portland arrived with those first Klondike miners with 2 tons of gold 5000 people showed up to see them.

Today when the Seahawks parade passes through Seattle with their first Super Bowl Trophy over 500,000 people will see them! Go Hawks

Colorized by Tim Karle
12th Man Gold Panners
Colorized by Tim Karle
colorized by Tim Karle
colorized by Tim Karle
!2th Man July 4 Skagway
Colorized by Tim Karle

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