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Cadillac hotel sign

Building Community

Lives of the Cadillac Hotel


The exhibit Building Community, The Lives of the Cadillac Hotel is a joint effort by the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and the University of Washington's Museology Graduate program.The exhibit celebrates the 125th anniversary of the building where the Seattle unit of the Klondike Gold Rush national Historical Park is located.

The Cadillac Hotel would occupy the upper two floors of this building from 1906 through 1970. The exhibit will celebrate stories of those who bought this building to life. The exhibit will be up till April 30, 2015.

Artist rendition of upcoming exhibit

Meg Bye

Under the Midnight Sun

The next temporary exhibit will feature an interactive exhibit of personal "trunks" from diverse local cultures with replicated objects representative of those cultures throughout various historical periods in the Northwest.

"Identities" for the trunks would include examples such as the First Nations Peoples, immigrants, traders, merchants and "Stampeders" The installation will include oral histories, music and stories transmitted through "tin can" devices hanging from the ceiling around the installation. Local performing/recording artists from a diversity of ethnic communities and languages will create the audio component through publicly accessible performances. A curriculum to accompany the exhibit will be designed to educate visiting students and classes.

The exhibit will run from in late May through early December with a special opening planned for Friday June 5, 2015.

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