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Spring 2014

It's hard to believe that spring officially began March 21. The winter-type rains have saturated the ground and don't seem like they're ever going to let up, but a stroll through the neighborhoods of Seattle find many flowers are beginning to bloom. Eagles are seen soaring above Bainbridge harbor during my morning walks to the ferry. Gray whales have yet to make an appearance in Elliot Bay, but are being seen daily by the Clinton - Mukelteo ferry and a sure sign of spring are the increasing sightings of out-of-town visitors.

It's been a wet spring, but the long range forecast calls for a warmer and drier than normal summer and fall. Already the word "drought" can be seen mentioned in many long range forecasts. Weren't they forecasting the same for this last winter? (February - March set many all-time area records)

Soon a sure sign of summer, the area's many outdoor festivals while be starting. Soon both local and out-of-town visitors will be getting ready to head to one of the surrounding national parks. Make sure you get the latest park information by checking their websites or stopping in or calling our Outdoor Recreation Information Center.

Tim J. Karle

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