• Artist rendering of Pioneer Square during Klondike Gold Rush

    Klondike Gold Rush - Seattle Unit

    National Historical Park Washington

Agents of Change

What does cause the changes in the weather and climate?

Here in the Pacific Northwest changes in the weather can often be seen by traveling a short distance. Are these results being affected by a changing climate? Are they human caused or accelerated by humans? If climate change is being caused by humans is there something we can do to slow or stop it? Are the results of global climate change negative or positive?

All good questions, but what are the answers? As you will see, both day-to-day weather predicting and forecasting climate changes are very complex issues especially here in the Pacific Northwest. While some agents of change are easily explained scientists are just now starting to get an understanding of others. Each day seems to bring about more theories, data sets, and conclusions.

So what really affects Seattle's weather and climate? What changes are in store for us in the future?


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