Klondike Gold Rush Virtual Geocaching

Geocaching is an interesting way to visit and explore many new locations. Often you need some type of device that will let you find locations by entering geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude). Many geocaches often require the seeker to either find the "cache" or find an answer to a question.

For those, who are in Seattle, you can participate in our virtual geocache hunt throughout the downtown area. For the more adventurist we offer a virtual geocache that encompasses Oregon and Washington state. Please note that these two searches involve no physical cache containers, but require the seeker to find clues or answers to a list of questions. Given coordinates will get you within 10 feet of the landmark. At the landmark you will find the answers to the questions below. Once you have answered the questions return the completed sheet to the Visitor Center. There is no time limit for completion.

For those who can't visit, you can participate in two unique geocache searches involving the Internet. In one search you'll be given the geographic coordinates to find the "cache" location. Once found you will need to answer the question being sought about the location.

In a type of reverse geocache search you must find the geographic coordinates of the answers being asked. While it would be great fun to visit all the locations we are searching for, you may use the Internet to find the coordinates. Again you can earn a certificate upon completion and submittal of your answers. This is no time limit for completion.

Good luck with the challenges, and enjoy the Search!


Geocache Search for Actual Locations
(Find answers, not cache containers.)



how long

age group

Searching the Pioneer Square Historic District

can be completed on foot

1 mile

2nd - adult
Seattle Gateway to the Gold Rush (Coming Summer 2012)

can be completed on foot

2 miles

2rd - adult

National Parks of the Northwest(Coming Summer 2012)

need vehicle

lots of miles

1st - adult


Virtual or Internet base Geocaching
(Using the Internet to find locations and answers.)



age group

Where in the world is the Klondike? Seach the Internet by geographic coordinates 3rd -adult
Klondike by the Numbers? (Coming Summer 2012) Search by answering questions and finding coordinates 3rd - adult


Did You Know?