Field Trips

A variety of opportunities are available to educational groups that our visiting the park. These include movies, demonstrations, talks, walks, and scavenger hunts. Please be aware that regularly scheduled ranger programs, facility hours of operation, and ranger availability change with the seasons. Opportunities are offered on a first come basis.

Reservations are required for formal education programs between September 1, 2015 - Jun 24, 2016.

Panning Demonstrations are ONLY offered between Sept 1, 2015 and May 24, 2016

Organized education programs must be booked in advance

Minimum size group is 8 students; the maximum size is 60 students

Program reservations are available to any educational type of student group

Program material covers grades 3rd grade through college. (needed knowledge of geography, basic economic, movement of populations, Native cultures)

All programs are free

The eating of food is not permitted in the park nor are there any facilities for having lunch inside. The staff can recommend some areas nearby where others have had lunches.

The park requests group have a chaperone rate of 1 for every 5 students.

For large groups, be prepared to have your group split into different sessions. The facility can only handle a group size of 50 at any one time. We will work with you to either schedule different times and/or days.

Field Trip program elements

Please call 206-220-4240 for information or to reserve a day and time.