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Due to staffing limitations, Gold Panning Demos can only be offered on

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Gold Panning Demonstration

This a ranger demonstration which can be tailored to your group's needs. See decriptions below.


Grade appropriate

Basic Panning Demo
Covers properties of gold and a ranger demonstrates panning technique.

10 mins.

Pre K -2nd

Intermediate Panning Demo
This demonstration includes the Basic Panning Demo and includes information about mining techniques in permafrost, how touse a Rocker Box, what is and how to stake a Klondike Gold Claim, and historical environmnetal impacts.

15-20 mins.

3th - 6th

Advanced Panning Demo
The activity includes both the Basic and Intermediate sections and includes a disscussion contrasting the environmental impacts of historic gold mining with today's mining operations.

30 mins.

7th - adults


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  • Klondike Gold Rush - Seattle Unit National Historical Park

    Field Trips

    Field Trips

    Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park is just one of the many educational opportunities for groups coming to Seattle. During a visit here, students have an opportunity to learn about the Klondike Gold Rush and its impact on Seattle, British Columbia, and the Yukon Territory.

  • Klondike Gold Rush - Seattle Unit National Historical Park

    Seattle, Gateway to the Gold Fields

    Seattle, Gateway to the Gold Fields

    A visit to the park mixes a scavenger hunt, video, and a panning demonstration to show why Seattle out competed others cities to become the place for nearly 70,000 Stampeders to start their rush north.