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    Klondike Gold Rush - Seattle Unit

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  • Visitor Center Closing at 1 pm

    Thursday Sept 4, 2014 the park visitor center will close at 1:00 pm.

  • Area disruptions Sept 3 and Sept 4

    Both local area streets, and walkways will be affected Sept 3 - Sept 4 by the NFL Gameday Village and Seattle Seahawks home opener. Street parking may be extremely limited and in area private lots will have higher than normal special event prices.

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Choose among the following exercises for your class visit to our park. Each has been broken down by grade appropriate, time needed for completion, ERLs addressed and subject emphasis.

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  • Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

    Teaching with Historic Places: The Klondike Gold Rush

    Three of the lesson plans in the "Teaching with Historic Places" series feature the 'last great adventure' - the late 1800's gold rush to the far north.

  • Klondike Gold Rush - Seattle Unit National Historical Park

    Impacts of the Klondike Gold Rush

    Impacts of the Klondike Gold Rush

    What were the results, to the natural resources and Native populations of Seattle, Alaska, British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, when 70,000 Stampeders headed to the Klondike Gold Rush?

  • Klondike Gold Rush - Seattle Unit National Historical Park

    Taming a River

    Taming a River

    What impacts happen to a watercourse happen when you mine for gold on it, especially in areas underlain with permafrost? "Taming a River" looks at the possible effects which occur during most mining operations that took place during the historic gold rushes in North America. The lesson plan can also be modified to see what could happen in areas underlain with permafrost.

Did You Know?

Fire destroyed buildings during the 1889 Seattle fire

Within 6 months of the The Great Seattle Fire of 1889 over 100 fireproof brick buildings had been built or were started in the downtown area.