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Klondike Coloring Pages

Click on any of the drawings below to print a full-size coloring page at home.

Shopping for Supplies Coloring Page

Click on this drawing for a page to color at home.

Cooper and Levy was one of the many businesses in Seattle where you could buy supplies before heading to the Klondike gold fields.

Steam Ship Coloring Page

Steam Ship Coloring Page

During the Klondike Gold Rush, steamships left Seattle daily for various Alaska ports where Stampeders still had to get their supplies over the dangerous mountain passes into Canada.
Sled Dogs Coloring Page

Sled Dogs Coloring Page

Before snow machines, sled dogs were used to travel throughout Alaska and northern Canada during the long and cold winters.

Horse and Prospector Coloring Page

Horse and Prospector Coloring Page

Prospectors used horses are some of the trails to haul their supplies.
Building and Sailing Boats Coloring Page

Building and Sailing Boats Coloring Page

After the snow and ice melted, rivers served as the highways of Alaska and northern Canada. Trees had to be sawed into planks which were then used to build boats. These boats then had to navigate over 500 miles down the Yukon river carrying people and supplies.
Panning for Gold Coloring Page

Panning for Gold Coloring Page

To locate gold, prospectors would use a technique called panning. This involved using a pie-shaped metal pan to seperate the heavy gold from the lighter dirt.

Mining in the Permafrost Coloring Page

Often after the prospectors staked a claim they would dig shafts in the permanently frozen soil, or permafrost to locate the buried gold veins.

Did You Know?

Chilkoot pass line of stampeders

Of the 70,000 stampeders who started for the gold fields, around 35,000 would make it to the Klondike region. Few would ever stake their own claims.