• Nine men pose with gear at the Alaska-British Columbia border in the snow

    Klondike Gold Rush

    National Historical Park Alaska


Group of Chilkoot Trail Backpackers hiking acroos bridge.

2011 Teacher Ranger Teacher Jaclyn Pace hikes the Chilkoot Trail with local teens and provides lessons on natural and cultural history.


The Teacher Ranger Teacher professional development experience at Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park allows teachers to work with new technologies to help tell the history of the gold rush era in Skagway and Dyea, Alaska, as well as stories from the historic Chilkoot Trail. Teachers will have the opportunity to use iPads, Go Pros, and other new technologies to develop distance learning programs that can be utilized by teachers across the nation. Teachers will gain development in creating place-based curriculum, as well as working hands-on with local Alaskan youth in facilitating fun and educational programs.

Klondike Gold Rush Rush NHP has selected a Teacher Ranger Teacher for the 2014 season. Please check back in the winter/spring of 2015 for new professional development opportunities.

Did You Know?

Museum exhibit at Klondike Gold Rush NHP showing a year's supply of food in bags, barrels and crates, a gold pan sits on top of the pile

The Canadian government required those going to the Klondike gold fields to bring a year's supply of food with them to avoid starvation during the long Yukon winter. Some of the recommended supplies included 400 pounds of flour, 200 pounds of bacon, and 100 pounds of beans! More...