• Nine men pose with gear at the Alaska-British Columbia border in the snow

    Klondike Gold Rush

    National Historical Park Alaska

Be A Junior Ranger


Join Park Rangers from Klondike Gold Rush NHP at our Junior Ranger Station. The new center gives kids the chance to dress up as a stampeder, play victorian games, touch wild animal pelts, and earn a Junior Ranger badge!

Junior Ranger Activity Center
Located at 4th & Broadway Ave
Open Monday- Friday
10 am- 12 pm & 1-3 pm

Park Ranger explaining activity to kids.

Join rangers for fun Junior Ranger games.

NPS Photo

Explore. Learn. Protect. That is what being a Junior Ranger is all about.

If you are in Skagway, come visit Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park's Visitor Center. There you can pick up a Junior Ranger Book and spend the day exploring gold rush history.

If you would like to get a head start on your Junior Ranger Badge for Klondike Gold Rush National Historical park you can download your workbook now and get started today! Just select your age group and print out the booklet.

Once you have finished the booklet you can bring it to the Visitor Center and find a ranger or send it to:

Klondike Gold Rush NHP
Attn: Junior Ranger
PO Box 517
Skagway, Ak 99840


Visit public lands around Alaska and become an Alaska Adventure Ranger!

Ranger leading future Junior Rangers on a walk.

Ranger Molly helps kids discover Gold Rush History.


Are you visiting Alaska and want to become a Jr. Ranger?

More than 80% of Alaska is public lands managed by the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, as well as other state and local agencies! Many of the sites have Jr. Ranger Programs! If you visit 3+ participating sites you can become an Alaska Adventure Ranger. Simply participate in each site's Jr. Ranger program and track your adventure with the Alaska Adventure Ranger worksheet. A ranger will initial your worksheet at each stop. At the third park, forest, or wildlife refuge a ranger will award you with a special re-usable lunch bag! Happy Travels!

Did You Know?

Historic photo of Native Tlingit packer carring a pack of goods on his back, wearing Western gear

The Chilkoot Trail was an important trade route connecting the Tlingits with interior First Nation peoples long before the Klondike Gold Rush. Dyea or Deiyaa (Tlingit for "to pack") was a small Native settlement used as a fishing camp and staging area for trade expeditions to and from the interior.