• Nine men pose with gear at the Alaska-British Columbia border in the snow

    Klondike Gold Rush

    National Historical Park Alaska

Artist in Residence

Top of the Pass on a busy day in 1898.
Corrie Francis Parks 2012 Artist in Residence

The Arts are Alive on the Chilkoot Trail

Klondike Gold Rush NHP in partnership with Parks Canda and the Yukon Arts Center, is getting artists out on the Chilkoot Trail. This revived Chilkoot Trail Artist Residence Program began again in 2012 and in 2014 the program invites 3 more artist to hit the trail for a two week adventure!

2014 Artists Preparing to Head out the Trail

Jessica Auer and Andreas Rutkauskas are visual artists from Montreal, Quebec. They received their MFA degrees in Studio Arts from Concordia University, where they now teach photography. Jessica Auer's work is largely concerned with the study of cultural sites www.jessicaauer.com. Through the use of photography, video, and mapping, Andreas Rutkauskas' projects have addressed the impact of Internet-based research on wilderness recreation, the borderlands surrounding the Canada/US international boundary www.andreasrutkauskas.com.

Follow Jessica and Andreas as they blog about their joint Chilkoot Trail Artist In Residence experience at Chilkoot 24/7.

Steve Snell (b. 1983) grew up in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. After graduating from Miami University in 2006, Steve moved to Alaska and eventually became the art teacher in Yakutat. Steve is currently on the faculty at Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska, where he teaches painting, art history, and adventure-art. http://www.steve-snell.com/

Daphne Mennell is one of the Yukon's better-known artists. She has a number of pieces in major public collections in the Yukon and in private collections throughout the world. Her paintings are known for their lively color and movement, depicting the Yukon and Alaska landscapes she loves. www.daphnemennellyukonart.com


2013 Artist in Residence

Kara Sievwright

Nicole Bauberger

Cassandra Loomis

mixed image and drawing of outhouse on a mountain summit

Spirit of Chilkoot Pass

Corrie Francis Parks

2012 Artist in Residence

Corrie Francis Parks

Check out animations created by Corrie:
Sourdough Zombies

The UP

Jay White

Did You Know?

Museum exhibit at Klondike Gold Rush NHP showing a year's supply of food in bags, barrels and crates, a gold pan sits on top of the pile

The Canadian government required those going to the Klondike gold fields to bring a year's supply of food with them to avoid starvation during the long Yukon winter. Some of the recommended supplies included 400 pounds of flour, 200 pounds of bacon, and 100 pounds of beans! More...